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“There are a million of QR-Scanner apps, but most of them don#t work for me.

so, why wait for another app

Why we build HelpQR

Scanning QR-Codes is not rocket science anymore, but most of the QR-Scanning apps really suck, thats why we made our own.

What#s the difference?

Always handling with a click in the middle and no idea if someone tracks your scans? We didn#t want that ... so we changed it.

History of your QR-Scans

You don#t remember the last QR-Scan you made? No problem, our App saves all your scans in the local history. Makes it easy for you to get back soon.


Get in Touch

Diane Roberts

“Amazing experience. Scan and forget QR-Scanner!

Pay once - use it a lifetime

Always paying for apps is not a nice thing. So just buy once and use it a lifetime.

Updates and Bugs

We are working on new versions of HelpQR and need your support. Please don#t hesitate to contact us.

Keep it simple - stupid

We like to develop for Android, so please wait for the IOS Versions.